Straight from the Source

I have been practicing yoga for six years and have had the privilege of working with some great teachers.  Lynn is head and shoulders above all my prior yoga teachers.

Lynn truly shines in a one-on-one training environment.  Her knowledge of human physiology, her unbridled passion and deep understanding of yoga, and her sincere desire to help people, makes her the perfect teacher for any yoga student regardless of skill level. 

She brought an enthusiastic spirit to our yoga practice that made me want to push myself despite my physical limitations as I have arthritis in my hips.  Lynn worked one-on-one with me and went above and beyond to tailor our sessions to account for my arthritis.  Her assistance and personal touch did not stop when I left the mat.  She was always available if I had any questions, and created a unique set of exercises geared towards increasing both strength and flexibility in my hip area.    

A bright star in the firmament of yoga instructors, Lynn approaches her practice with care, compassion, and understanding, and always with a sense of purpose.  She constantly challenged me, and over time I was able to do poses I had thought were impossible to achieve.  Working with her was a true game-changer and in the process made me both a better yoga practitioner and a better person.  She will do the same for you. 

Mark Jamison

I had never hired a personal yoga instructor before and didn’t know what to expect. Lynn came to my home assessed my problems and made personal goals for me.  She is always unhurried and focused on making my yoga experience the best. Her knowledge, patience and guidance exceeded my expectations.  Lynn is such a passionate and loving instructor that gives 100% to helping her clients feel better.  Lynn’s approach is rewarding and enhanced by her love and belief in people!

Rebecca Moore

I’ve had two lingering injuries: a shoulder injury which I had for over 3 years, and a hamstring injury which I had for far over 10 years. Both have improved substantially since taking Lynn’s yoga classes. Even though I have consistently taken yoga in Okinawa for nine years, Lynn’s class has been the only class that has helped  improve my injuries, as well as my strength, flexibility, focus, and motivation. Lynn’s experience as a dancer emanates in her flows and technique. If you want to improve your practice, I highly recommend Lynn.

Cyndi Quiroz

I’ve been a devoted follower of Lynn over the last three years and would have continued to practice with her had I not been required to leave the local area. Ever since I first stepped into her class, she has encouraged and guided me with mindful attention. She has nurtured my proprioception, teaching me to listen to my body and what it asks of me. Learning not to push myself to the point of injury but enough to feel my muscles lengthening and in turn strengthening.

Lynn is an amiable spirit, she greets her classes right away with a salutation and continues with her expectations during her introduction. For example, my favorite is making sure the cell phones are off/silent. She wants everyone to be able to focus without interruption or distractions. For those that are expecting notices she suggests they be close to the door should they have to leave. During her introduction, Lynn takes the time to address any safety/health/injury concerns amongst her students without hesitation while offering adjustments/variations throughout the practice. She seeks out ‘first timers’ to make sure they have a positive experience. She is focused on her students and wants them to be immersed in their practice. During class, she’ll break down a pose to ensure correct alignment and flow. Her instruction is clear and concise. Sometimes we’ll get on the wrong foot, but everyone will have a laugh and move on. Switching it up on the next round to keep balance on both sides. Lighthearted and fun environment, you can never go wrong with that. She creates a comfortable and light atmosphere whenever you practice with her and you would never regret going to any of her classes. Lynn will provide print outs of some of the chants she’ll use as well as go over pronunciation. However bad you feel at chanting, she doesn’t hold it against you. She smiles and says, “It will come in time.”

These words have guided me over the last few years. Whenever I lost my balance and fell out of a pose or was unable to reach my foot on another, Lynn would always reinforce patience. Learning to be more patient with myself and in return it’s made me more patient in life. Which is a win-win!! She has great love for what she does and watching her students grow around her. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her guidance and devotion to her own practice.

Jesse Salter

I had a wonderful opportunity to train with Lynn for a short amount of time. I have learned so much. Lynn puts her heart and soul in teaching yoga. She is very knowledgeable, kind and easy to work with. Her classes are very powerful, challenging and accessible to all levels. You will leave her class feeling strong and energized. I highly highly recommend Lynn if you are seeking private lessons, classes or teacher training. 10 ⭐️’s

Kim Reyes