Now is the time to invest in your well-being!

Whether you are seeking to improve your personal practice, improve confidence, strength, flexibility or whatever else you would like to plunge, then this is for you. Private instruction is tailored to what the student requires. You will also learn tools that you can use off your mat that are not offered in a group setting. 

I've had a prodigious experience working with private clients because most students don't know when and how to make headway to a happier, healthier and complacent life style. This is where I come in. With my wealth of experience and love for the practice, I will design a practice specifically for you that will help reinforce the optimism and purpose you desire. After all it's all about the "Intention".

Private Instruction is configured into a package offer consisting of four 75 minute sessions.  If you are curious about this offering, a single class is also available. For more information, please contact me.



What is an intention?  For most of us, it's a goal we envision achieving at some point in our lives.

Setting the intention (Sankalpa) for your yoga practice is a little different. It's about bringing awareness to the fundamental values you live by as a unique individual. As you challenge yourself on your mat when you practice, you challenge yourself off your mat by applying the same intention in your normal day to day activities.

All my classes are intention focused, but with private instruction even more emphasis is encouraged. At this time you will be given an opportunity to work through intentions each time we meet up and incorporate them into your day to day schedule to observe and understand how and if they resonate with you in some way. 



This presents awareness to the mind and encourages the student to just be in the present moment.

Once the intention has been set, awareness of the mind, body and breath sets in. The breath guides the body and mind to be present in the moment.



As the awareness of stimuli through the senses come alive, we have the power and consciousness to experience physically with the body.



The practice is all about the experience in the moment. The act of breathing consciously and expansively guides you to experience mindfulness without judging yourself and accepting the experience in the moment for what it is.



Working hard at something for yourself is not always easy. It demands willpower and discipline. Since it manifests to be of great value, you begin to devote a lot of your time, effort and enthusiasm to the practice.



No matter how hard it is, the persistence to improve and seize, becomes a reality.



The pleasure of happiness arises once the optimism about yourself has evolved realizing that anything is possible with practice.