If you are looking for a good quality yoga class, you have come to the right place.

Practicing together as a community with like minded people is very special. Here you will have the opportunity to practice with your classmates at a set time establishing a definitive routine for yourself. This will benefit you and the group to contemplate on getting your body and mind gravitate toward a wholesome and holistic lifestyle.

Group classes are offered when requested. If you would like to practice yoga with a group of friends or work colleagues, then this format is for you. 

For more information about this offering please contact me.



A playful and fun class that will challenge you from time to time. The class focuses on building core strength, control and alignment while synchronizing the flow of breath with movement. A must for those who enjoy learning cool postures and discovering what your body can actually do.


A very  quiet, slow paced practice, where postures are held for a longer period of time. Even though the practice is simple, it does not necessarily mean easy.  Props are used to assist with getting deeper into postures for extra comfort and support. The practice targets lengthening and strengthening fascia instead of muscles.

Contact me to find out which class will benefit you the most, and reserve your spot today.

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"Twist your mind your body can do it!"

Lynn J. Babiera