An alternative offering to receive a quality practice tailored for you to keep you focused.

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Do you feel like you lost your way in uncovering the mind body connection?

Will a well balanced routine get you back on track? Contemplate no further.

If you have been practicing with me in the past and we are no longer in the same country or if it is your first time and you  would like to try online private instruction, now is the perfect time to get started. 

Classes are designed for your current exigency. 

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We will schedule a convenient time for you to practice. Once this has been done, practice sessions will commence via live video.

An intention centered practice will be designed for you which will include mantra, meditation and pranayama (breathing practice).

Online private instruction is configured into a package offering consisting of four 60 minute sessions. A single class is also available.

For more information about online private instruction, please contact me.