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Learn breathing techniques, mantra and meditation while consciously exploring Yoga postures with intention. Studying and practicing Yoga with Lynn will cultivate awareness of your inner landscape to blend and balance with your outer world.

Supporting & guiding you on your
spiritual journey!



Let's work together at your pace, in your space and time, without the obligation to arrive at a studio at a specified time. When you decide to study with me, classes are tailored to suit your personal needs and schedule.


There are endless advantages when practicing Yoga consistently. From increased focus, ameliorated strength and posture, to heightened flexibility and awareness. The possibilities are limitless.

Personalized @ Home Yoga designed just for you !

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In-Person Private Instruction designed just for you!

Having the opportunity to to train with a professional Yoga instructor in person is rewarding and significant. In person private instruction is designed to support your needs and to help you gain the confidence and strength to achieve your personal goals in your practice.


We will work at a pace that suits you. To align your energy to the strength of your body, thus enhancing your vitality and well-being. You will learn so much about your unique body and work introspectively so that intention manifests in your practice to cultivate and inspire your spiritual journey!

All in-person private instruction sessions include  Thai stretches and adjustments. This hands on technique facilitates improving  flexibility and elasticity to infuse a sense of calm and relaxation.

Buddha Statue
White Sand and Stone

Breathe In..

Surrender to this moment

Breathe Out..

Shift to awareness intentionally



Contact me so we can schedule a free consultation to establish your needs. We can then pursue a suitable time to start working together.



Lift your spirit.


Amplify your awareness.


Experience just being! 


Watch Anywhere

Cancel Anytime

No Fancy Equipment Needed

Watch On Any Device



Lynn truly shines with one-one training. Her knowledge of human physiology, her unbridled passion and deep understanding of yoga, and her sincere desire to help people, makes her the perfect teacher for any yoga student regardless of skill level.


Lynn approaches her practice with care, compassion, and understanding, and always with a sense of purpose. She constantly challenged me, and over time I was able to do poses I had thought were impossible to achieve.

Mark Jamison

I had never worked with a personal instructor before and didn't know what to expect. Lynn worked with me in my home and made personal goals for me. She was always unhurried and focused on making my yoga experience the best. Her knowledge and patience exceeded my expectations. She is passionate and loving and gives 100% to helping her clients feel better.

Rebecca Moore

I have had 2 lingering injuries: a shoulder and hamstring injury. Both have improved substantially since practicing with Lynn. Even though I have been practicing with other instructors while in Okinawa, Lynn's class has been the only one that has helped with my injuries as well as improving my strength, flexibility, focus and motivation. Her experience as a dancer emanates in her flows and technique. If you want to improve your practice, practice yoga with Lynn.

Cyndi Quiroz

I've been a devoted follower of Lynn for three years and would have continued to practice with her if I had not been required to leave the local area. Ever since I stepped into Lynn's class she has encouraged and guided me with mindful attention.She has nurtured my proprioception, teaching me to listen to my body and what it asks of me. Whenever I lost my balance and fell out of a pose, Lynn would always reinforced patience. Learning to be more patient with myself and in return it has made me more patient in life. She has a great love for what she does and watching her students grow around her. I wouldn't be where I am today without her guidance and devotion to her own practice.

Jesse Salter

I had a wonderful opportunity to train with Lynn over a short period of time where I learned so much. She puts her heart and soul into teaching yoga. She is very knowledgeable, kind and easy to work with. Her classes are very powerful with degrees of challenge, but accessible to all levels. You will leave Lynn's class feeling energized and confident. I highly recommend Lynn if you are wanting to strengthen your  practice either through  private lessons, group classes or teacher training programs.

Kim Reyes

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